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How to know if a neighborhood is safe for children

When moving to a new home with kids making sure you have a good neighborhood is vital. While there can never be any guarantees, there are some ways to assure yourself a bit more about your new potential home.

  • Listen for kids, especially in the evening - In a safe neighborhood, the children will be allowed to play outside, even as the sun goes down. If you see lots of kids walking around more than 2 hours after school, it’s a safe bet that the parents think the community is safe
  • Good schools - A community with good schools is typically a place where the children are valued. It doesn’t have to be the greatest schools, but they should rank as good.
  • Safety of the homes - Look at the homes and buildings. If there are a lot of broken windows and broken-down homes, it might not be the nest neighborhood.
  • Public facilities - Things like libraries and playgrounds are a good indication that the neighborhood is a safe place for kids. This is especially true if the playgrounds are in great shape.
  • Talk to people - Spend a little time walking around talking to people. If the neighbors are nice, there’s a good chance the community is a good place to have your children grow up.
  • Culture - Not just museums, but the general culture is important. Listen for barking dogs, partying, fighting, etc. One of the most important things to do is to spend time there at night, walking around and listening, especially on weekend nights.
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