If you're looking for foreclosure listings in Oklahoma, you have several different sources.

Foreclosure-listings-in-Oklahoma-a-guide-to-resource-2Buying a foreclosed home is a great way to get a house for very little money. If you're looking for foreclosure listings in Oklahoma, you have several different sources.

It used to be extremely difficult to find foreclosure listings. Foreclosures are a matter of public record, so they have always been listed in court filings. However, few people had the time or inclination to go down to their local courthouses and scour the latest foreclosure listings. Companies and individuals that took the time to do just that would charge potential homebuyers for a fee.

Years ago, if you wanted information about foreclosures specific cities, you had to register with specific sites and pay a fee to get those listings. Thankfully, the process today is a lot easier. Although pay sites still exist, foreclosure information is now available for free online.

One great resource for Oklahoma foreclosures is bank websites. When properties go into foreclosure, the bank takes back possession and list the foreclosures on their website. One such site is the Bank of America Real Estate Center . The site lists Bank of America-owned properties by the state. Buyers can browse current foreclosure listings on this site. Each listing generally includes photos of the foreclosed property, the bank's asking price, the listing agent's name and phone number, the property address and detailed property features. There's also a feature that lets you know when the listing was last updated, making it easier for you to track the latest activity on the property.

Foreclosure-listings-in-Oklahoma-a-guide-to-resource-1Another great resource for Oklahoma foreclosure listings is Yahoo's home section. This site lists homes that are in foreclosure or pre-foreclosure. When you first visit the site, you're able to see preview photos, property details and pricing information for the homes. Once you register for a free account, you'll be able to access more photos and information, such as the exact address of the property, the current homeowner's name, lien details and information on nearby comparable properties.

Finding Oklahoma real estate foreclosure listings may be the easiest step in this home-buying process. RealtyNow makes it easy to find foreclosed homes and real estate professionals who can help you.