Use online real estate tools or hire an agent to sell your home after a divorce.

shutterstock_166929554Divorce splits finances and often creates a need for a home sale. If you need to sell your home fast after divorce, you will have to follow any instructions set in your court settlement and decide to either sell it yourself or hire a real estate agent.

Depending on your divorce agreement, you may wish to sell your home after the divorce and split the proceeds or sell it to your ex-spouse if he or she wants to buy it. You can also refinance the home to remove your spouse's name from the property and become the sole owner. In some situations, you might find yourself telling a loved one, "I need to sell my home fast after this divorce" because you gained the home in the settlement , but cannot afford to make the payments and maintain it on your own.

Selling your home gives you the chance to start over fresh without that debt weighing you down. You have a few options available to you such as, considering to sell to an investment company to expedite the process. These companies advertise in the newspaper, online and even on the side of the road. Investment companies specialize in purchasing homes for cash when you need to get rid of a house quickly. While you might not get the top price for your house, you will get paid for it quickly.


You might also want to sell your home fast after divorce because it is too big for you or full of bad memories. You can do an online real estate sale through Craigslist or eBay. Craigslist lets homeowners list home sales in various cities in every state. You can choose your own price and reveal as much or as little information as you want. With eBay, you can either choose a set amount or run an auction to see how much the house brings. Both websites attract thousands of shoppers daily. You might find that some shoppers on eBay want lower prices than those who look for homes on Craigslist though.

In the weeks and months following your divorce, you have enough things on your mind without worrying about your home sale. You can sell your home fast after divorce with the help of a real estate agent, if listing the home yourself is too time consuming. Talk to several local listing real estate agents to find one who specializes in quick sales. These agents may also know local investors who buy properties for cash. If you need help finding real estate agents in your area, go to RealtyNow for resources.

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