Is an offer of cash for my home in Washington, D.C. right for you?

Cash-for-my-home-in-Washington-2In today's challenging real estate market, many residents of the nation's capital want to know how can I get cash for my home in Washington, D.C.? Cash sales for homes are possible, but they won't bring the best price.

Before you decide which is your best option, a cash sale or a traditional sale, assess your home's market value and compare that with the price you need from the sale. If you need the top price, you probably want to hire a real estate agent. The difference between market price and the price for a cash for my home in Washington, D.C. type sale will cover the agent's commission.

A traditional sale with a real estate agent will have other costs to consider. You may need to pay for home repairs and maintenance suggested by a home inspector. A buyer using a mortgage company will have to show that the property is in good condition.

Cash-for-my-home-in-Washington-3If you don't have money to make repairs, or the time for a traditional home sale, you may want to find investment companies advertising cash for my home in Washington, D.C. deals. These buyers, both individuals and companies, will pay cash for properties in any condition. Their offers will be low, often half market value, so take that into consideration before going this route.

If you do contact companies from Washington, D.C. real estate cash for my home listings, be wary of scams. Research companies diligently. Check with your local secretary of state, the Better Business Bureau and online for complaints from other homeowners.

The decision to take a cash for my home in Washington, D.C. offer will depend on how much money you need from your home sale and how much time you have to sell. Use RealtyNow to find home values and real estate agents who can help with a successful sale.