Reality TV shows often make the process of finding a home look too easy but some are still full of useful tips and information.

We’ve rounded up 7 reality TV shows that can help you winnow through the good, the bad, and the ultimate home sweet home for you.

1. Sell This House

Actually, this show is meant to guide home sellers to improving their home value by following advice from a decorating expert using limited budget. But luckily, if you’re a homebuyer, this show will provide you practical tips on what to look out for in an ideal property and which homes you have to steer clear of.

2. Designed to Sell

HGTV's 'Designed to Sell' has a concept that is not too dissimilar from the show ‘Sell This House’. Improvements upon homes that do not garner much attention from potential buyers are the main focus of this show.

Again, if you’re a house hunter, this show can show you valuable lessons on what makes a property bland or attractive – and whether a house you’re interested about is worth your life savings.

3. House Hunters

On a shoestring budget? Follow ‘House Hunters’, a reality TV show that offers prospective homeowners tricks of the trade to secure the house of their dream, without burning a big hole in their pockets.

There is also ‘House Hunters International’ for those who wish to see what it’s like owning a property abroad.

4. Fixer Upper

This HGTV popular show is all about using local materials, salvaged items, and craftsmen to transform homes from drab to fab in order to secure the highest offer from prospective buyers. You’ll love its hosts, Texas-based couple Joanna and Chip Gaines, as they utilize their uncanny skills of turning plain homes to posh digs.

Meaning, if a property fails to impress you at first sight, it doesn’t mean it has no potentials of becoming the place of your dreams. If you can secure it at a reasonable price, use the extra money you have for renovations, like what they do at ‘Fixer Upper’.

5. Flip or Flop

Orange County, California couple Tarek and Christina El Moussa runs HGTV's 'Flip or Flop', a reality TV show where dilapidated properties are bought from auction in a bargain and converted into livable, family-friendly modern homes.

As for your house hunting endeavors, waiting for an ugly duckling of a property to turn into a gorgeous swan of a home won’t be such a Mission: Impossible because you have ‘Flip or Flop’ as your guide.

6. Love It or List It

Designer Hilary Farr and real estate agent David Visentin have one goal in mind: get the clients to side with either one of them. In this Canadian reality hit 'Love It or List It', Hillary remodels the homeowners’ house on a shoestring budget, and then afterwards, David will show them other homes which fit their price range.

Get real-world ideas on how to turn a seemingly hopeless property into a functional home you can be proud of – and you’ll give yourself a pat on the back for purchasing below your expected price range.

7. Property Brothers

Don’t let your penny-pinching ways get the better of you. There’s still plenty of opportunity for that fixer upper you intend of buying to be a polished gem of a domicile.

Take it from Jonathan and Drew Scott, the tall, handsome and dedicated stars of the HGTV reality show 'Property Brothers'. Their no-nonsense home buying and renovation tips and tricks will ultimately win your hearts and seal the deal for that property you want to purchase.