When it’s the time to put your property up for sale, all you should be concerned about is how much you’ll get for it and the realtor’s commission rate.

But selling a home is not just that, and it is essential to hire a realtor more than what you see on his website or your gut feeling. Here are 7 important questions to ask your realtor before selling your home.

1. Are you a member of the National Association of Realtors?

A realtor is someone who is a member of this professional organization; otherwise, he can’t just call himself that.

If the person you’re about to deal with cannot show proof of that, then you might want to call up other people. Being a realtor also means he or she is keen on pursuing related education and most importantly, has agreed to follow the organization’s ethical guidelines when buying and selling a house.

2. What neighborhoods do you concentrate on?

The realtor must show evidence that he has already worked in areas within, around or near your neighborhood. This would indicate that he has sufficient knowledge about its market, and can get you a good price for your home.

3. How many homes have you sold in my neighborhood?

A good realtor has had a lot of home sales in your area, which also means he is someone people find trustworthy. Familiarity with your neighborhood is one thing, but integrity is an entirely different concept – something which you should be able to find in your realtor.

4. What’s the price range of most of the homes you have sold?

Your realtor must be comfortable dealing with price range you have in mind. This would indicate that he is confident in convincing buyers that your home is worthy of that value; otherwise, he’ll just easily give in to the haggling tactics of cash-strapped bargain hunters.

5. How many clients are you currently representing?

There is no exact number to indicate that the realtor is good one. But common sense dictates that it should not be too many or that you’re the only one he has. You want a realtor that has a thriving business but not much that you don’t get the proper attention you need and deserve. On the other hand, you don’t want someone whose client is just you and he’s just in dire need to be back in the game. He might not be familiar already with the market situation of your neighborhood.

6. How will you market my home?

A good realtor has a good marketing plan. Aside from MLS, he should have other suggested websites where he can put your home up for listing. Plus, he should be able to provide you details about where to look for buyers.

This will indicate whether your home will have a swift sale or will languish on the market for months.

7. Can I see your references?

Ask your realtor to provide you with the names and contact details of five of his most recent clients – for the past two years only. Happy clients mean reliable realtors.

Talk to former clients so you can find out if they enjoyed working with your realtor and if they got a good deal because of his efforts.

Selling your home is a big deal – so choose a realtor that you don’t just like but can also trust. Since you’ll be sharing sensitive financial information with your realtor, he or she must possess great qualities that will help you sell your home to your advantage.