Online real estate listings and auctions are great ways to sell my home today in Oregon

Sell-my-home-today-in-Oregon-a-guide-to-resources-2Real estate agents charge a fee to sell your house and there's no guarantee that even the best agent will get your home sold quickly. If you've been thinking, "I want to sell my home today," Oregon classifieds might be a better option than working with an agent.

Classifieds allow you to sell your home for the price that you choose and weed through the buyers in your own time. If you want to sell my home today in Oregon, Craigslist might be a good option for you. Craigslist is a large website that specializes in classified ads. While some people use the site to make friends and find dates, others know that it's full of Oregon real estate sell my home today listings.

You can post photographs and information about bedrooms and bathrooms and the overall condition of the property. You also control how buyers contact you. Craigslist has 10 sites in Oregon with property sections: Bend, Corvallis/Albany, East Oregon, Eugene, Klamath Falls, Medford-Ashland, Oregon Coast, Portland, Roseburg and Salem.

The real estate section on eBay is another option, because it can help you sell your house as quickly. eBay lets you determine the starting price of your auction and set a reserve. If no one meets that reserve, the house doesn't sell. When you list on eBay, make sure to include a line that says, "I need to sell my home today in Oregon" so browsers know that you're open to offers because you need to sell quickly.

Sell-my-home-today-in-Oregon-a-guide-to-resources-1If you're ready to move on and price isn't a factor, consider selling to investment companies. These companies advertise sell my home today listings because they typically buy with cash. Oregon investment companies buy properties to rent or resell. Investment companies may offer as much as 80 percent or as little as 40 percent of the listing price or home's value.

Homeowners once sold houses by placing small signs in their yards and hoping that buyers would call with questions. Thanks to the Internet, sellers can now reach millions of buyers at once. Between the online and investment companies, it's now possible to sell a house in just a few days. Use RealtyNow to find home values so you can price your home to sell.