Overly motivated sellers tend to make mistakes when trying to sell their home quickly, here are five safe tips to sell your home quick.

If you're looking to sell your home now when the real estate market is recovering read on for some tips on how to generate interest from the best kind of buyers and get the asking price you deserve.

1. Focus on the curb appeal

First impressions can make all the difference to get your house noticed by would-be buyers.

It is therefore essential to get to the house hunter’s buying frame of mind when he or she drives up to your property for the very first time. What does your front yard say to them?

So walk out into your street and observe everything about your home’s front real estate. Whatever shortcomings it has or if there’s anything in it (or not), you should do something about it and strive to make it as attractive, clean and well-kept as possible for all passers-by that might be on the market for buying a new house.

2. Make small but value-laden upgrades

This isn’t about doing any major remodels that won’t give you any ROI whatsoever as soon as you move out or doesn’t add up to the home value.

But you can go ahead and change bathroom fixtures or give those old kitchen cabinets a coat of fresh new paint.

If there’s any room around your house that is sorely outdated and badly needing a complete overhaul, don’t be tempted to do so. You’d generally come out ahead by discounting the asking price, and let the new owner deal with it.

But things such as leaky roof, sticky windows, and pest problem – these are major issues that you need to address quick, but they’re not as bank-breaking as a kitchen renovation.

Don’t try to ignore necessary repairs so you won’t risk getting a red flag from the home inspector and even from potential buyers as well.  

3. Depersonalize all spaces

It means giving your place a general cleanup, removing all clutter, and most importantly, neutralizing it of your personal character and lifestyle.

Don’t get us wrong. You may be proud of your unique sense of style reflected on the stuff around the house, but if you want to sell it quick, you need to offer what the prospective homeowners want.

Stage your house as if it were a model home, because you want the buyers to be able to visualize their own family and lifestyle in the home – not yours.

Paint the walls in a neutral color and remove all trinkets, collectibles and closet junk to make it a soothing and welcoming space for its potential new owners.

4. Don’t overprice it

You’re not the only one who’s excited to put up their property on sale, and certainly not with the only property that doesn’t offer the same things that can be found in other homes.

So it is important that you price your home competitively if you want to sell it quick. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t penny-pinch on a good real estate agent because the commission he or she will get from you will ensure that your house will be in good hands to get its deserving price tag.

Pricing a house too low will make you look like you’re intentionally throwing money down the drain. Pricing it too high might turn off potential homebuyers and leave your property going stale on the market for far too long.

A good real estate agent on your side knows the local market like the back of their hands so you’ll be confident that he or she will set a realistic price that both you and the future owner deserve.

5. Spread the word

If you want to sell your home quick, don’t just rely on your real estate agent to do all the hard work. Post it on social media, mention it at your kid’s school, and ask your local community service center to announce it during public gatherings.

And one more tip: get a professional photographer to take high quality images of your home’s best features and selling points.  Then make sure your real estate agent posts it online for everyone to see.